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Create a blog entry that discusses something that really stood out from class this week. Please discuss WHY it stood out to you and how it might help you on your journey through creative experimentation

One thing that really stood out to me in class is the fact that creativity in the school system has been tainted. I never actually thought about it but it is really true. I used to be so creative when I was younger, but project after project with restrictions and no creative thought need has stunted my creativity. I learned that I should think out side the box (even though thats an inside the box thing to say) and focus on what ever I want to do, not just conform to the way everyone else is thinking. This thought in its self has really helped me get back into the swing of creative thinking. Beth gave me and egg and said do something creative with it. That no one has ever surprised her, so I made a beat, MP3, and music video to raise the bar. This experience has really got me back on the creative track. 


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