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How to “read” a book…. but really its how to check out some water chestnuts

So instead of using a book for this project I chose something that I absolutely hate, WATER CHESTNUTS! I started out by flipping the can in the air and randomly putting my finger on it. It landed on a orange and red sunset above the label. Its surrounded by blue background and above the “sliced water chestnuts” label. The can its self feels very smooth and cold. With the exception on a few ridges on the top and bottom of the can its smooth all over. After looking at the can I’ve concluded that if was constructed on an assembly line in the order of can, label glued on, chestnuts put in, then top is airtight sealed on, then the expiration date was stamped on. There is printing all over the can nutrition facts, brand name, bar codes, ingredients, net weight, and an expiration date on top. I believe it was all written by Aldi INC. a product of peoples republic of china. I examined the can more and found a dent in the top of the can, I think this could’ve happened when someone dropped the can off the shelf or a wife got angry and threw the can at her husbands head because he said he wasn’t the daddy. I also found two stains above the bar code, I think this happened in the factory when someone used dirty hands to pick it up. The can is a light silver color, very bright. The label on the can is dark blue,white and black text ,with a picture of water chestnuts on the label. I don’t think anyone else has examined this can as closely as I am right now. I can tell someone else has handed this can because of the scratches and dents all around it. After shaking the can I say it sounded like a squish sound in water. I then dropped it on the floor and it sounded like a thud. Now after holding the can I noticed that the metal was cold, I held it for one min. and not much has changed. The can smells like aluminum and dirty fingers. The title of this can is “Asia Specialty water chestnuts” and it was called this because the can is full of water chestnuts.


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