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this class is literally about seeing sideways

One thing that stood out to me in class today was the fact about how the class was looking at things rather than what those things can be. For example we were talking about the water chestnuts and Beth said “your vision is so concrete, your looking at the can of chestnuts only as a can of chest nuts rather than thinking about what it could be”. This stood out to me because we all have a set standard of looking at things, we all use things in a certain way, but if we deviate from the normal routine we might come out with something creative. I thought back to the video of that guy playing music with a tree, he saw it as something that society normally wouldn’t see and he made something awesome with it. It goes back to what this class is all about seeing sideways. This way of thinking has helped me think of things in a different way again. I forgot that I used to do that all the time when I was a skateboarder. I would see a normal set of stairs as something to kick flip over or I would see a poorly maintained wall as something to wall ride on. This last class gave me a lot to think about.


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