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What stood out to me this week

One thing that stood out to me was the TED video we watched on that guy that talked about making book covers. He made several statements about how books are being lost to technology. He also pointed out somethings that only books can do that tablets can’t. I never really thought of book as being a rich tradition that is on its way to being lost. With this in mind the future of written word will be replace by electronic, libraries will shut down, news papers will be absolete, and electronic will rein supreme. Makes me want to establish as mush online presence as possible. Knowing this has help me see where the future is going.  One other thing that stood out to me was the project you gave us. To turn something I hate into something that makes me happy. This helps me think about how emotions can be confronted and controlled. I get mad pretty easy , but now I’ve been thinking about how I can take those day to day things that I hate and turn it into things I love. 


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