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Step back and pay attention

So after Beth told us to go home and just pay attention to everything including sounds, sights, smells, etc that you normally wouldn’t pay attention too. The first thing I realized was a squeaking sound coming from my car. After googleing it I soon found out that my brakes needed fixed. Thank god for this assignment because my mechanic basically said it was a problem about to turn into an embarrassing problem if I didn’t get it fixed. The next interesting thing I saw was a gigantic closed in property on michigan street that took up a couple of blocks. I called my friend and she said “oh yea thats just operas summer home” and that just blew my mind because I drive passed that property everyday to and from school. Even if it isn’t Opera’s summer home I still would like to see what was behind it. The last thing that I noticed when I got home was a tree blowing in the wind. I’ve never actually stopped and watched a tree blow in the wind. The structure and shape of a tree is actually quiet fascinating. It got me wondering what trees on other planets look like and how would aliens see our trees. The gigantic property and the tree actually gave me inspirations for videos. That property could be anything and all the trees led to me thinking about alien worlds. Not to mention the therapeutic values of just relaxing and watching a tree blow in the wind. I would have to say that this exercise has taught me that not only inspiration is everywhere but also inner peace. (hope that makes sense) 


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