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What the bleep

Last week we watched a movie about quantum mechanics called “What the bleep!”. This movie was hands down one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. Since this is a class about creativity this film was very relevant because it has a lot to do with thinking out side the box in (or 2d universe) and coming up with creative ways to solve problems. After watching this film I started thinking differently about day to day life. All of our emotions are a combination of biological and environmental factors, being aware of this makes it much easier to control ones emotions. Gandhi said “once you can control your emotions nothing can stop you” and I have become one step closer to accomplishing that task because of this film. One other thing that stood out to me is how people would think of non conventional ways to problem solve, without thinking “outside the box” humanity would never advance. I’m going to start thinking of non conventional ways when it come to my future creative projects. 


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