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My Fear Experiment part 2

For my fear project I decided to depict two of my main fears in life that effect my creativity everyday. My past fear of an evil sprit taking over my body and a future fear of my kids being ungrateful, stupid, spoiled, brats. For my first fear I showed the class the recording of Emily Roses exorcism. My hypothesis was that most people would be scared but wouldn’t show it. I was a little off because not only did people not show fear in their expressions but when I asked them later if they were secretly afraid they all said no. I think this happened due to all the horror films everyone watches, it seems that everyone was quiet comfortable with listening to that almost as if it wasn’t their first encounter with Emily Rose. I couldn’t tell if Beth was scared due to the fact that she along with a couple others paid more attention to me than the video.

The second part of the experiment included a video of the “knock out game” and a blog about shitty kids. The entire class laughed during the blog viewing as I predicted but they did not during the video. They laughed because it was humorous and I think they could relate to it. I think the experiment was an overall success , I feel like I really scared some people into thinking about how they raise their kids. I think If I showed more examples of exorcism and evil spirits in the first experiment it would’ve came out as I predicted, and if everyone lived under a rock and never seen any scary movie. Another thing I could’ve done is bring in an exorcist and an actor to fake an exorcism in class. I think that would’ve defiantly hit home.¬†


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